Smartphone Kyphosis: Avoid Mobile Phone Damage -

How can smart phone use cause spine trouble?

Image of Smartphone PostureOutlining the problems created by bending one’s neck too much isn’t new, but over exposure to smart phone use seen in recent years places this risk in a different perspective. Reading in general, even before the advent of the personal computer screen in the 1980’s may result in neck inclination towards the book, paper or screen. Doing this for a long time creates postural pressure on joints and muscles. To avoid this, one should bring the reading material to eye level. But this problem is greatly increased and aggravated since many of us, in particular younger persons, are “glued” to a smart phone screen many hours a day.


Anatomy and physiology of the upper spine:

The cervical (neck) spine is made of seven vertebrae, which are smaller than those of the lower back (from Merck wall chart).

illustration of neck vertebrae

An average human head may weigh anywhere between 4-6 Kg. It may be regarded as a heavy load at the end of a short lever. When bent forward, this may create excessive pressure on the rather small neck vertebrae and joints and shorter and more delicate neck muscles.



illustration of neck painThis overload over time can accelerate wear and tear, irritate and compress nerves and cause neck pain and cartilage breakdown.




 image of ergonimic pc sitting
Proper Posture

How may this be avoided?

1) Reducing the smart phone screen exposure hours.

2) Bring the screen to face level and not the head to screen level.

Simple, isn’t it?

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