Laser treatment for shoulder problems, tennis and golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome - Dr. Liram

Shoulder Problems
The shoulder is a non-weight bearing joint supported by muscles and ligaments. As such, it is subject to strain injury caused by repetitive or overuse action. Examples of such activities are: lifting loads on a production line, dentistry, handling power tools above chest level etc. The supporting muscles and ligaments are strained and may swell up and hurt. Laser therapy is highly effective in treating this condition.

Tennis and Golf Elbow
Photo treating tennis elbowPlaying tennis or golf may not be the only cause of these bothersome and limiting pains. Any prolonged activity involving the forearm, such as working with a desktop computer mouse, turning a steering wheel or operating a mechanical lathe can result in these problems. The muscle attachments to either side of the elbow are overworked and irritated. Frequently, this condition can be quite disabling. Laser therapy may cure it, without the need of cortisone injections or surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
treating carpal tunnel syndrome with laserThis ailment is caused by a flattening of the wrist joint and compression of the nerves and tendons in it. Usually, it is a consequence of working with an over extended wrist for a long time or under moderate weight strain. It frequently requires surgery and laser therapy is known to reduce the swelling and pain created by the extra pressure. In many cases, surgery may thus be avoided.

Muscle Tears and Sports Injuries
Unfortunately, running, contact sports, swimming and ball games sometimes result in partial or full thickness tears. Healing is much quicker if laser therapy is used, reducing disability time and swelling by many days. Crucial for the competing athlete.