Laser Treatment of Whiplash Injuries to the Spine and Arthritis - Dr. Liram

Whiplash Injuries to the Spine
Whiplash Associated Disease or WAD is a very common result of vehicle collisions, when one car hits another, either in a head-to-tail fashion or by side impact. In either case, the impact energy of these kinds of accidents sends the injured spine in opposite directions, due to the sudden stop and its reactive backlash. Cartilage, tendon and other soft tissues develop minor tears and lesions that impair movement and normal function. Sufferers may lose their range of movement, swell up, develop pain and excessive nerve irritation, where nerves from the spine exit the injured vertebrae. This condition can involve all parts of the spine, but is typical of the neck (in head-to-tail collision) and of the mid-spine (in accidents involving side-impact).

In Whiplash Associated Disease, the safety belt may (in spite of its general life-saving role) actually contribute to the injury mechanism by acting as a dynamic fulcrum. This condition requires long-term care and rehabilitation and is best treated by laser therapy to reduce the swelling and to regain functioning. Laser treatment is highly effective until full active rehabilitation is achieved.

Arthritis is a condition affecting the joints by changing their shape, functional space and increasing calcium deposits. An arthritic joint may lose functional space between bones and become calcified, painful and even slightly deformed. The evaluation of arthritis is usually made by imaging and the specialists are rheumatologists. But the pain, swelling and difficulty in functioning may be greatly helped by using laser therapy. Treatment with laser may take away red swollen arthritic joint appearance and reduce pain, thus increasing function. The condition typically attacks hands, but knees and hips are frequently involved too. Treatment with laser may help to regain function quite promptly.